Elective Courses

Participants choose an elective course from a menu of options in the Winter prior to Residency. The elective courses are offered the second week of Residency. Participants normally choose elective courses based o­n their goals for the Preaching Ministry Project.

The 2014 Elective Faculty include:

  • John Dally - Choosing the Kingdom: Preaching the Reign of God
  • Frank Thomas - Preaching as Celebration
  • Paul Scott Wilson - Four Pages and Preaching
  • Karyn Wiseman - Preaching and Popular Media

Post-Residency Requirements

Core course faculty, elective course faculty and peers each evaluate a videotape of the participants' sermon preached after the residency in the participants' ministry context (a total of three sermons). Evaluations focus o­n integration of course learning with the specific local ministry-site preaching. With each videotape, participants submit a Reflection Paper describing the goals of the sermon and a paper from a group of ministry members outlining their views and evaluation of the sermon.